'Unconventional Visions'
Curated by Monica Ferrarini at Galleria Spazio 40, Rome - Italy

Palm Beach - Sandrine Viu Masia - Brussels, Belgium

'Una Solida Leggerezza'
Curated by Monica Ferrarini
Exhibition at Complesso Vicolo Valdina - Camera dei deputati - Rome, Italy

'ACAF' Accessible Art Fair (2013 - 2014 - 2017) Brussels, Belgium

'Pure Art Fair'
Battle, United Kingdom

'TAP' The Art Project
Temporary Gallery curated by Sandrine Viu Masia - Brussels, Belgium

The project 'Labyrinth-Os' passes the first selection at Laguna Art Prize, Venice, Italy

'Parcours d'Artiste' La Hulpe, Belgium