The ritualistic and meditative posing of each line on paper, as a weaver of creation, constructs a world of forms.

The layers of lines form multidimensional textures that follow algorithmic patterns as an overlapping matrix.

The viewer is pulled into the form finding a personal interpretation to it that respond to the collective consciousness perception of nature.

In the work there is a dualistic position between the freedom of choices, the lightness of the forms as it can be found in a branch of a tree, the movement of smoke, the water and on the other side the suggestion of something complex and bonding such as a web, a labyrinth and all kind of structures that can be perceived as a trap.

I describe my drawings as 'the process of unlimited choices and connections' as a transposition of life patterns in nature and social behavior in humans and animals both shaping our reality.

Her drawings are not a representation of nature, but its embodiment in an abstract form that can be felt and read in a different way through the sensitivity of the viewer.

They are a graphic representation of ‘Chaos Theory’, where the shapes respond to the concept of spontaneous order therefore a Self-Organizing system.