DDD Workshops

DDD Workshops

D D D From Dance to Drawing is just one Dimension - Drawing from Stimuli, Memory and Emotion

This drawing teaching technique aims to lead you to first free yourself in the creative process giving you the tools to create your own drawing art work. In a second part of the workshop you will be able to compose your drawing using the experiences of the first experiential phase.

In a DDD workshops you will be a dancer and a choreographer.
You will be guided through different stimuli to explore yourself and later to make choices to compose your own drawing creation.
Every form of drawing is welcome from abstract to figurative.

You will be free to draw whatever will come up from your intuitive being!!! You will find trust in your impulses and intuitions to create.
Each of us is a creative being and you can express yourself freely to empower yourself.

As a drawing teacher I like to guide you in finding your own drawing artistic voice in a safe environment to enhance your creative artistic expression.

Please find photos in the Portfolio page: DDD Drawing Hand Workshops