From Dance to Drawing is just one Dimension

Face Book: Antonella Cusimano - Art & DDD Drawing Hand Workshops

Drawing from Stimuli, Memory and Emotion
to find and express your artistic voice

This drawing teaching technique, that I personally developed, aims to lead you to first free yourself in the creative process through different wide range of experiences to offer you the tools to create your own drawing art work.

The workshop is divided in two deeply inter connected sections:
Experimental Section
Composition Section

The first section will be the experimental section which includes the different stimuli.

What kind of experiences can I aspect in this section?

The experiences proposed will go from simple practical exercises to sensory more complex experiences in order to connect and awake your imagination and creativity.
Your ability to welcome the adventurous aspect of this section, will enrich you and will open up to new and maybe surprising effects you can use to compose your final drawing.

In the second section you will be invited to make choices in order to compose your unique drawing using the experiences of the first section.
You will be still followed and advised if needed.

* Do you need drawing abilities in order to follow a DDD workshop?

No previous abilities are necessary because, through the guiding system offered, you will learn to trust your innate ability to draw.
Everybody can draw as everybody can dance and sing.
Yes, some people are more skilled than others, but everybody has the right to express his/her own creativity and the beauty is connected with the authenticity of expression.
We are touched when or something is alive and authentic or when something is so beautiful to become sublime.

* Does my drawing has to be abstract?

Every form of drawing is welcome from abstract to figurative and you can also mix them together of course.
You will be free to draw whatever will come up from your intuitive authentic being.

You will find trust in your impulses and intuitions to create.
Each of us is a creative being and you can express yourself freely to empower yourself and strengthen your sense of existence.

As a drawing teacher I like to guide you in finding your own drawing artistic voice in a safe environment to enhance your artistic expression.

Please find photos in the Portfolio page: DDD Drawing Hand Workshops