PORTFOLIO > X-Ray Work: Labyrinth Installation

Throughout history, labyrinths have always represented a path to reach the core of the Self. Even if they are complex, their logic is simple as they always lead to the centre.
In labyrinths there is only one way in and one way out.

The aim of the installation is to let people face the reality of sickness and death as part of the circle of life. Walking into the Labyrinth should be a way to help people to get in touch with this and try to accept it as a process and not as an end.
What we call death is actually a transformation, and transformations occur all the time. Everything we do has a beginning and an end, nothing stays the same.
It is this dynamic that creates life. To believe that we can freeze it is the biggest illusion we can create.

Walking into the Labyrinth built by bone X-rays, the audience can take time to think about the physical body, its fragility, sickness, transformation and death but also its beauty, potential, strength, rebirth and life.

Following several injuries I had a collection of many X-rays of my own body. One day I looked at them all and realised that they were covering a surface of over nine square metres… I felt I needed to free myself from the pain I experienced, first as personal catharsis and then at a universal level by collecting other people’s X-rays.
By looking at X-rays, you can see the perfection of the human body and become aware of the temporality of life.

X-rays, Wood
400cm X 400cm X 200cm