Antonella Cusimano *Abstract Drawings*

The abstract drawing work is a graphic representation of Chaos Theory
'Does the flap of a butterfly's wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Mexico?'
The concept of 'spontaneous order' is applied giving shape to forms that resonate with the inner collective consciousness.
The abstract drawing artistic practice is the result of a long process of introspection and research in different fields of art, spirituality, physic, philosophy ...
Her automatic drawing practice is free from any technical conditioning.
'My drawings are not a representation of nature, but of its embodiment and essence in an abstract form, that can be read and felt in different way through the sensitivity of the viewer'.

The Butterfly (Effect)

The point, the line, the pendulum,
the order of things, the sapience,
the still drain of days,
allows space to the wonder
that hides life and conjures death.

The most raw beauty, unpredictable,
the thread that links chaos and order
gets meshed in a plan with implacable laws,
in a labyrinth where disorder plays
with the invisible minotaur.

That are subtle, precise, albeit irregular
memories of what you have not become.

Inexorable, certain, patient......
They are motes that dance with the
Ana Laura Serra